Sunday, January 15, 2012

Torvald and Inga, continued.

Inga, a weiner/terrier mix who had been dumped in the woods, found her way to the 'Bean and whimpered her desire to join the DBR's Awesome Dog Pack. From the moment she appeared, big Torvald treated her as the little sister he'd always wanted. For days, Inga's head was gooey where Tor had licked her and even tried to pick her up by the scruff of her neck and carry her like a puppy. They're best friends. The two nap together, play together and, unfortunately, get into mischief together.
Like the lovely spring evening they decided to take up gardening. I heard a thunk outside the kitchen window and went to investigate. Big Tor had managed to reach a flat of strawberry plants I'd set on an outdoor shelf, one I'd thought was beyond Tor's reach. Silly me. The thunk was the sound of big Tor pulling the flat off the shelf. When I arrived, Inga was doing her part by running back and forth through the plants as fast as her stubby little legs would carry her. Both dogs seemed very pleased by their hard work, and I learned my lesson on the extent of Torvald's reach. Or so I thought.
Like I said, silly me.