Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three kids and One Hearty Mom

She was booked for four nights with her three kids (aged 3-10).

Several hours after her expected arrival, I assumed she was a no-show. "Why don't I take VISA and require a deposit," I asked myself. Finally, she called. Halfway here, she'd had to go back home because she'd forgotten her youngest's snuggie bed.

By nine o'clock that night she was finally turning off the Cimarron Turnpike and headed to Pawnee. By then, a threatened storm had broken into a torrential rain with thunder and lightning. We'd even lost our electricity. Bill said, "She'll never find her way out here through this," so I called (thank heaven for cell phones) to tell her that he would meet them at Snak n' Pak, the convenience store downtown. With a big a generator, they still had lights.

Finally, they all arrived safely. Then came the unpacking, with three small children, in the middle of a storm, by flashlight. Throughout it all, she kept declaring, "It's an adventure!"

Bill, who'd helped them unpack, told me the kids were excited when they saw I'd left donuts for part of their breakfast. "Oops. Those are bagels," I said.

By morning, the electricity was up and running again. Bill hurried down to Main Street Donuts on Harrison Street (H. 64) in Pawnee, and the breakfast fairy left a donut-filled chest for them. They had all earned a treat.

To B and B?

To B and B, or not to B and B? Bill and I talked the subject nearly to death. Last year, I finally did it. I hung up my shingle. Or in modern parlance, put the Dancing Bean Ranch into cyberspace. (Thanks, Jennie for doing the web site for me.)

Today, a twenty by thirty foot sheet of ice outlines the swimming pool. Beyond, the woods are deep in snow. I'm glad I took advantage of the lull in freezing temperatures to get the bee candy onto the brood box. Now, my fingers are crossed that the girls won't starve to death before the spring honey flow starts.

Personally, I've had enough winter. So I intend at least to warm my memories. I'll be sharing (names omitted) stories about some of my favorite guests. Better to think about that than what this weather has done to the tulips I planted in the raised beds.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter rates

Take advantage of the quiet winter months for discounts off the summer prices. $50 weeknights, weekends nights $60 for one or $100 for both Friday and Saturay night.


Because we call ourselves a bunkhouse, I hear from people asking if they need to bring their own linens, if there is heat, or air conditioning.

A stay at the Dancing Bean Ranch is camping my style: Comfortable room, comfortable bed, high thread count linens, maid service.

So rest assured, you'll be relaxing comfortably unless you truly want to rough it--and for that, we have 90 acres of nature for you to enjoy!