Thursday, June 3, 2010

Help! I'm sore.

I'm home after three days at the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (Oklahoma Conference) and all that sitting and insomnia have my old joints aching

Happily, I know just what to do: hie me down to Emma Ellis at The Healing Touch. With thirty years experience as a massage therapist, Emma knows exactly what needs kneading. And the accoutrements--oils, massage bed, towels and so forth-- are strictly top rate.

Or--Listen up!--she will bring her portable massage table to the 'Bean and do massage in your room. Okay, I know what you're thinking: Massage? In my room? Hasn't anyone told you we're in a recession, crazy Dancing Bean lady? Who can afford a luxury like that? You! That's who.

For just $45.00 an hour, Emma will do massage therapy right in your room. If you choose to go downtown and get the full treatment--low lights, meditative music and warmed massage bed-- the cost is just $35.00 an hour.

The Healing Touch opened for business just a few weeks ago, and these are introductory rates. They won't last forever, so book your appointment soon.

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