Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Possums and Peaches

The China Pearl peaches, a white variety, are the biggest, sweetest and the last to ripen of the stone fruits in the orchard. It's August 31, and the Game is On, as Sherlock Holmes would say. Who'll get the white peaches this year?

To date, the score is: Late Freeze: 4, Possums: 3 Green June Beetles: 1 and Me: 0.

This is my year. I can feel it. I've kept a daily watch for the beetles, designed and constructed my own cruelty free, chemical-free ground defense against the possums, and monitored the fruit daily for degree of ripeness. (A test that has required a bit of eating, I will confess).

At a half pound apiece, these beauties are worth the work. If you're in the neighborhood, come share.


  1. "If you're in the neighborhood, come share." ... Just name the day, sister. -- Jennie

  2. Nice photo Bobbie!